The proposed community by Armel Corporation is currently planned for 1295 units on the 40+ acres South of St. Peter’s & North of the GO Station, with a mixture of stacked homes, townhomes, and medium-density housing closer to the GO station. Features of the project include:

  • A naturalized storm pond and walking trails are planned on lands to the east of the rail line
  • Residential opportunities will include various styles of townhomes, as well as apartment style dwellings (similiar to Yonge Station) closer to the GO Station
  • Parks, sidewalks and trails that will encourage a walkable community
  • Master planned to be a livable community: will feature integrated living, recreational, and shopping areas
  • Targeting commencement of construction in the second half of 2017, possibly later.

Staff are currently working with the applicant on the file. One of the details of much interest to residents is the height of the medium-density towers: staff & the applicant have agreed that the max height for these can be up to 8 stories, but the developer has said their intention is to build 6 stories. Also important to note is that the site will be developed in phases, with the phase that includes these buildings (located around the GO station) occurring last, likely 4-7 years from 2017.

If you have any feedback, comments, or questions regarding this site, please email or call me before the staff recommendation in late May/June so I can make sure your feedback is incorporated into the staff report!

- Sergio


(Updated April 5th, 2017)